Today's Date is: Friday, January 19th 2018.
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Why Not Let Corporations That Want to Invert Go In Peace - With Stipulations?

By Debbie Kwiatoski  |  Posted on 2014-08-08 07:01:59

Could it be that the easiest way to get rid of the nonsensical  U.S. Supreme Court rulings that  give corporations "personhood," might be to NOT stand in their way when they try an "inversion" and shift their headquarters overseas to avoid paying U.S. income taxes?  If that means they will also lose their right to sue the U.S. government over things like having to offer their employees the same insurance rights as the rest of the country or means that they lose the right to fight U.S.  environmental regulations in court, it might be worth  letting them go, with our blessing.

But if we're going to go down this road, let's make it work for America, too..  Let's insist that - as a foreign company - they can no longer donate to Super Pacs or spread any political contributions around. Maybe we could even insist that the top management and majority of their Board of Trustees lose their right to vote in America, maybe even their American passports. How about yanking their rights to all the subsidies and benefits that the United States offers its "corporate citizens", including corporate welfare, infrastructure support for their facilities and any future bailouts or favorable government treatment when they get into trouble, yet again.  

While we're at it, lets also make then pull out of all lobbying organizations that work hard everyday to make sure that Washington and the country's Statehouses give these corporations great perks and all manner of favors that makes them  "special" and un-levels the economic playing field for smaller companies.

Oh wait, we already let foreign-headquartered corporations do most of that stuff anyway. Unlike actual aliens, international corporate "citizens" have rights in America. So, it seems that the only thing these "inversions" are going to lose when they take their headquarters abroad is their responsibility to contribute financially to the country they've become so good at exploiting


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