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Time for the 'Grown-Ups" to Take Control Again?

By Debbie Kwiatoski  |  Posted on 2012-09-02 14:34:28
OK, I admit it. Sometimes, I really do watch C-Span. Recently, I wandered over to the station and, by chance, caught President Harry Truman's acceptance speech during the 1948 Democratic Convention.

So what? You might well ask at this point.

Well, the difference between Truman's speech and the twaddle from the podium at this year's Republican Convention (and I'm sure what will come from the Democrats next week) was almost painful.  By the end of the speech, I still had no idea of what toothpaste he used each morning or what a fine human being he was...loving husband, responsible father, patriotic and religious "do-gooder" ....but I knew exactly what his policies would be if he was re-elected, why so little had been accomplished in the infamous "do nothing" Congress of his first term, and how he intended to to try to get his legislative priorities achieved in the next four years, if voters would send, not only him, but more Democrats to mind the country's best interests. That's what I would call actual "red meat" for voters....and consider that against the snarky, personal and downright nonsensical blather we're hearing today from both sides of the politic aisle.

I, for one, am tired of it - and becoming deeply worried about where we are headed as a society and a country, no matter who wins in November. 

Where so either of these guys stand on, well, anything?  Let's hope the candidates wake up and remember that they are vying to make the tough decisions that actually matter - and not the top spot on some celebrity chat rap. We, as voters, need to wise up, really that there really is a lot at stake in the election this year and insist that anyone we vote for come clean and tell us what they really intend to do with our public trust for the next few years. In short, it's time for the grown-ups in the room take charge again. It matters.


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